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Garage Door Openers

What a garage door opener does is simple: the remote sends a signal to the opener, which lifts, or closes, the door. How it does that is a complex process that involves radio waves, an electric motor, and a pulley system, which is why openers are difficult for an average homeowner to install and repair. If you’re looking to buy a new unit, GT Garage Door Repair provides a wide range of opener brands and models. And if your opener needs maintenance or repair, our team of expert technicians provide the highest level of professional service in the industry, and in all of Phoenix.

We currently offer three types of openers:

Belt drive openers produce the least amount of noise and vibration and have the fewest number of moving parts.

Chain drive openers are the most affordable models but what you save in money you gain in noise and vibration.

Screw drive openers tend to be low maintenance and operate with little noise because of their plastic-lined tracks.

We Offer Top-of-the-Line Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

The Elite Series 8550W is designed for convenience and safety. It’s built-in Wi-Fi enables homeowners to control the opener from your smartphone reassuring and the units come with Security+ 2.0, MyQ technology, which produces a new code each time the garage door opener is used to prevent code-hacking by potential burglars. This model also features a timer-to-close feature and a battery backup system to ensure access in and out of your garage even if the power goes out.

The powerful and low-noise Premium Series ½ HP AC belt drive opener is designed for heavy-load doors and reinforced doors in high-wind areas.

The Elite Series model 8587W comes with Wi-Fi for smartphone operation. This low-noise unit is also designed for heavy-load doors and reinforced doors in high-wind areas.

The Elite Series 8500W is designed to be mounted to the wall beside the garage door. Its powerful DC motor provides ultra-low noise operation and smooth lifting and lowering.

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Full-Service Garage Door Opener Repair

We don’t think much about our garage door openers, until they stop working properly, causing a significant inconvenience and potential safety issue. So when your opener needs repair GT Garage Door Repair’s team of expert technicians can quickly identify the problem and provide the necessary repairs—the keyword being repair. Unlike some other garage door companies, our first objective is always to repair a unit. However, some situations may require a full replacement of the opener, such as if:

  • the opener was made before the Federal Regulation Safety Update of 1993
  • the opener’s manufacturer has been sued for safety defects
  • the opener doesn’t have safety eyes, required to meet the UL 325 compliant
  • your brand of opener has been discontinued, and new parts are no longer available

Why Choose Us

GT Garage Door Repair was founded with a dedication to provide superior service to all of our customers. We understand the structural and security issues posed by garage door malfunctions and value the peace of mind that a functioning garage door provides to homeowners. Our technicians have the necessary training and experience to provide all installation and repair services in an efficient and professional manner. Excellent customer service is our priority, and no job is done until each one of our customers is 100 percent satisfied. Next time you’re in need of a garage door or opener related service, call us and we’ll have the work completed in no time.