Garage Door Opener Installation in Chandler AZ

Garage Door Openers

The function of a garage door opener is simple. The remote sends a signal to the opener, which lifts or closes the door. How it does that is a complex process involving radio waves, an electric motor, and a pulley system, making openers difficult for an average homeowner to install and repair. If you’re looking to buy a new Chandler garage door opener, GT Garage Door Repair provides a wide range of brands and models. We also provide maintenance or repair, and our team of expert technicians offers the highest professional service in the industry and all of Phoenix.

We currently offer three types of openers:

Belt drive openers produce the least amount of noise and vibration and have the fewest number of moving parts.

Chain drive openers are the most affordable models, but what you save in money, you gain in noise and vibration.

Screw drive openers are low maintenance and operate with little noise because of their plastic-lined tracks.

We offer top-of-the-line Liftmaster garage door openers

The Elite Series 8550W favors convenience and safety. Its built-in Wi-Fi enables homeowners to control the opener from their smartphone. Similarly, the units come with Security+ 2.0 and MyQ technology, which produces a new code each time the garage door opener starts to work. Such a level of protection prevents code-hacking by potential burglars. This model also features a timer-to-close feature and a battery backup system, which ensures access in and out of your garage, even when the power goes out.

The powerful and low-noise Premium Series ½ HP AC belt drive opener is designed for heavy-load doors and reinforced doors in high-wind areas.

The Elite Series model 8587W comes with Wi-Fi for smartphone operation. This low-noise unit is also designed for heavy-load doors and reinforced doors in high-wind areas.

The Elite Series 8500W allows homeowners to mount the unit to the wall beside the garage door. Its powerful DC motor provides ultra-low noise operation and smooth lifting and lowering.

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Full-service garage door opener repair

We only think about our garage door openers once they stop working correctly, causing significant inconvenience and potential safety issues. Therefore, when your opener needs repair, GT Garage Door Repair’s team of expert technicians can quickly identify the problem. Unlike some other garage door companies, our first objective is always to repair the unit. However, some situations may require a complete replacement of the opener.

Maintenance of garage door opener installations

Lubricate all moving parts once a year. First, lubricate the door’s rollers, bearings, and hinges with a small amount of white lithium-based lubricant. Then, lubricate the frame of the garage door where it contacts the wood, and use a regular wax candle. It will help the door to slide open and close more easily against the house.

Once every three years, apply lubricant to the garage door opener rail. To clean the center rail, wipe it with a rag and reapply a small amount of lubrication. Whenever in doubt, use white lithium-based grease since it is the best option for lubrication.

Why choose a professional service for installing a garage door opener?

GT Garage Door Repair provides superior service to all our customers. We understand the structural and security issues posed by garage door malfunctions and value the peace of mind that a functioning garage door offers homeowners.

Our technicians have the necessary training and experience to provide all installation and repair services efficiently and professionally. We prioritize excellent customer service; we don’t rest until each customer is 100 percent satisfied. Next time you need a Chandler garage door repair, or an opener-related service, call us, and we’ll complete the work in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions about garage door openers

Can someone else’s remote open my garage?

If your neighbor just got a new garage door opener, and it’s on the same frequency as yours, the remote may also control your unit. This happens when both models share the same programming (use the same channel). To fix this, talk to your neighbors or have them test their opener on your door.

How long can garage door openers last?

The lifespan of a garage door opener largely depends on the make and model, but you can expect between 10 to 15 years. By regularly maintaining your unit and other parts of the installation, you can help ensure that it will last for a long time. Similarly, proper installation is vital for enjoying a long lifespan of the model. When professional technicians handle the work, your investment is maximized.

Do I need a higher-horsepower garage door opener?

A garage door opener with higher horsepower will work better to open a heavy door than one operating at a lower. Suppose you have an oversized garage door or a particularly heavyweight garage door. In that case, you’ll need to look for a high-horsepower opener. Other than that, looking at other features that add to security and convenience may be much more important.

How much does the installation of a new garage door opener cost?

The opener itself will typically run between $150 and $500. In addition, labor costs $65 to $85 per hour. Typically, the job can run between two to six hours, depending on the model, the installation already in place, and the structural specifics of your garage.

My garage needs more headroom. What is the minimum overhead space required?

The minimum amount of space between the bottom of an opening header and an unobstructed ceiling is 12-18 inches for a standard headroom application. Nevertheless, we also take care of custom projects by adjusting the hardware installation. For example, in many cases, you only need 9-1/2″ of headroom for a garage door opener installation.

Do I need a separate lock on my garage door?

If your garage door opener is electric, you may not need a lock. If installed correctly, electric openers act as a lock, making it unlikely that an intruder could lift your door from the outside. If your door opener is old, try to see if you can still lift the door from the outside.

The trade association for garage doors (DASMA) does not recommend families put a lock on their door when an opener is also in service. Often, a child or another family member may accidentally lock the door. Then, suppose someone tries to lift the door using the electric opener machine. It will pull on the door and, in many cases, damage part of the installation. For this reason, you should only install a lock on your garage door if it doesn’t have an opener.

Is there anything required when installing an electric garage door opener?

Before a garage door opener installation, reinforce the top section of the garage with a strut or angle iron that spans its length. Our technicians can provide expert consultation.

Why is a DC garage door opener unique?

DC is an acronym for direct current. With direct current, the opener only turns on when it is needed to open or close the garage door, making it more energy-efficient. Furthermore, DC openers provide gradual start and stop motions to ease the door’s movement and reduce noise.

Is there any need for an electrical outlet to operate my new garage door opener?

Suppose your garage doesn’t have an electrical outlet in the ceiling. In that case, you might need to hire a licensed electrician nearby to install one. Please do not use an extension cord to plug in your Chandler garage door opener, as it poses a fire hazard and violates local building codes. Such violations can bring penalties or, at the very least, nullify your insurance coverage.